Winnipeg Coverage and Benefits

In Manitoba, you can choose a chiropractor without a medical referral.

The following is an overview of Chiropractic coverage in Manitoba. The staff at St. Anne's Rd Chiropractic Clinic will be happy to help you determine your entitlements and answer any questions you may have.

Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) - Motor Vehicle Accident

Chiropractic care is fully covered for individuals injured in a motor vehicle collision. Persons injured in a motor vehicle accident should consult a chiropractor as soon as possible. Early diagnosis and treatment of the neck, back, headaches, extremities, or jaw symptoms can lead to quicker recovery. You can report a claim by phoning the MPI Bodily Injury Claim Centre at (204) 985-7000 to receive a Bodily Injury Claim Number. Inform the MPI service representative that you are seeing a chiropractor for care.

Workers Compensation Board (WCB)

The Worker's Compensation Act gives the workers of Manitoba the right to choose chiropractic care for injuries that are incurred while on the job. There is full coverage for the chiropractic services. Report claims to the WCB CompLink Claims Centre at (204) 954-4100 or 1-800-362-3340.

Extended Health Benefits

Private insurance company policies have different levels of chiropractic coverage. We encourage you to learn the specifics of your policy benefits you may have. Some insurance companies will allow the chiropractor to bill direct for most chiropractic services.

Elite Canadian Athletes

If you are a carded Canadian amateur athlete your treatment is covered by the Canadian Sports Centre.

Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA)

Veterans do not require a medical referral to obtain chiropractic care. The chiropractor's office will assist in verifying the level of coverage available.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)

RCMP employees are fully covered for chiropractic care.

Manitoba Health (MHSC)

Manitoba Health provides partial coverage for the cost of chiropractic services to a maximum of 12 visits per calendar year per patient.